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Innovating in adaptive technologies, breaking barriers.

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Breaking barriers between society and disability
We are a company made up of young professionals committed to solving social problems using new technologies. Since the beginning of our activities, back in 2011, we have devoted ourselves to the development of technologies for disabilities, working together with users and specialized institutions. As a result, we have achieved developments such as Siruom (omnidirectional wheelchair), which has received multiple national and international recognitions over the last years.
Edites, the name of our company, is the combination of the last names of two great personalities of our history, Edison and Tesla. A rare mix, as they had big differences; but we are certain that, had they left those differences aside, they would have achieved great things. Hence the core of our business — building on differences, breaking barriers and working in collaboration to attain high-impact solutions.



The (Siruom) project was born in 2011 and, throughout all these years, it has been presented in various entrepreneurship contests, aiming at spreading the idea, promoting its development and seeking for capital investment for its implementation and optimization. At the end of 2018, we managed to complete the prototype, which was validated by users in different areas, and presented at the Second Global Disability Summit in mid-2019.
Thanks to a collaboration effort with Toyota Argentina, we were able to go from a functional prototype to an engineered and nationally-manufactured product, with unique quality and features.


An untreated issue

+ than 70 million people in the world who move in wheelchairs and only a small minority of buildings have the practicalities and facilities to receive them. In Argentina, in 1 out of 10 households there is a person with reduced mobility and only 1% of hotels and institutions with public access have the appropriate adaptations. Clearly, this has become a challenge to be solved. We want to help improve the quality of life of people through Siruom, granting greater autonomy to people with motor disabilities and helping to overcome infrastructure obstacles that various institutions may possess.



We want to provide improved accessibility in limited spaces, where a regular wheelchair would not be able to move around.
We aim at solving accessibility failures by incorporating technology granting users autonomy and reducing infrastructure adaptation costs.


The Way


With Toyota's Support

Since 2019, Toyota Argentina has been providing us with economic and technical support, as well as strengthening the visibility of the Siruom brand. This development is part of a Corporate Social Responsibility Program that aims to launch our product to the public at the 2020 Paralympic Games in Tokyo.


Presentation of our project

In 2019 we also presented the prototype of Sirum at the Second Global Disability Forum and Orthopaedic Exhibition in the City of Buenos Aires, Argentina. There we showcased the functionalities and convenience of our product.

In 2022, we were present at one of the world's most important trade fairs for medical devices, Arab Health in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).


Years of Work

Support Us

I think it is very useful for paraplegic and quadriplegic people. Side movements reduce maneuver spaces and the chance of hitting things around.

Fernando Marcolini


Apart from providing good accessibility and adaptation to the physical medium, this development provides independence that translates into an emotional change in the individual.

Mara Recondo

Fundación DISER

It is a very good and truly original product. It will be very helpful for many people who need it.

Roberto Bertoldi


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